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I have a pet peeve concerning two things I’ve been meaning to write about lately, namely CRM and multi-tenancy. I recently read an excellent article referencing both concepts and thought itmight be a good stepping stone to a quick blog post. In his article Don’t Get Conned – The many disguises worn by software-as-a-service, Matt Wallach discusses CRM software and the concept of SaaS multi-tenancy. Matt’s business is life sciences, and he discusses the state of CRM software for his industry. His argument is along the lines of “be wary of on-premise wolves in SaaS sheep clothing”. The wolves, in this case, areon-premise CRM vendors who simply throw servers over a wall and call it a SaaSday. The sheep (aka the good guys) are those genuine SaaS vendors riding a multi-tenant architecture. He then proceeds to define what multi-tenancy means using the well-known “neighbor... (more)

Apple's Foray into Fitness

If Apple's recent patent application tells you anything, its that the giant technology firm is working on further entry into the fitness space. That's something the fitness industry better pay close attention to. As the patent illustration shows on the left, the application includes an extensive interface running on the iPhone. The black and white images show the iPhone interface controlling and monitoring all details, from starting a treadmill to managing the number of curls you perform as part of a workout. While details are still vague, compatible gym equipment would use a similar 30-pin connector that Apple sell to display video from your iPhone to your TV, and contain a new 'authentication' chip that Apple would provide to licensed third-party developers. Apple is about to take this concept to the nextlevel by announcing partnerships with various fitness equipmen... (more)

Behavior Management Based on ABA

From ABA Journal ABA is based on the principles of behavioral approach and utilizes these principles to change socially significant behaviors. What does ABA target? Teaching new behaviors Strengthening existing behaviors Preventing undesirable behaviors Weakening/extinguishing undesirable behaviors Maintaining the behavioral changes Generalizing the behavioral changes Reinforcement is the behavioral consequence which increases the future likelihood of the behavior that it follows. If a stimulus is added to the environment in the reinforcement process, this type of reinforcement is called ‘positive reinforcement'. This stimulus is called ‘reinforcer' (i.e., ‘reward'). In order to get the expected result the reinforcer should immediately follow the target behavior, and should be provided only for the target behavior. Make sure that the reinforcer: has a reinforcing ... (more)

Why not just castrate them? (Part 2): The mainstream media finally notices the Geiers' Lupron protocol [Respectful Insolence]

I originally joined this wild and woolly collective known as ScienceBlogs back in February 2006. I was not part of the very first wave of bloggers who made up ScienceBlogs when it launched, although I potentially could have, mainly because I had to work out policies about outside employment with my university before I could join up. In any case, one of the very first posts that I did back then that made a bit of a splash was a little ditty I called in my usual inimitable and restrained fashion, Why not just castrate them? It was the dark saga of an even darker father-and-son tag team of quacks named Mark and David Geier. Dr. Mark Geier is a physician but has no expertise in pediatrics, endocrinology, vaccines, or autism. His son only has a bachelor's degree in biology; yet he assists his father in his "research" and in essence helps him treat patients, despite his la... (more)

Virtual Speech Center Releases a New iPad App for Speech Language Pathologists

Burbank, CA, April 20, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Virtual Speech Center Inc., the provider of mobile applications for speech therapy, announced today the release of Auditory Workout, an iPad application available for download on Apple’s ITunes App store. Auditory Workout was created by a certified speech and language pathologist for students ages 4–10 who exhibit auditory processing disorders or other related disorders (e.g., receptive language disorder or autism). Auditory Workout is research-based and focuses on improving auditory attention and memory and auditory processing of verbal directions. This engaging, colorful app includes over 1,000 audio instructions. Children are welcomed by the basketball coach, who encourages them to work hard. Children earn a basketball for each correct response, and when they accumulate enough balls, they are rewarded with a game (a game of ... (more)

DreamWorks Recruiters Get Eyeful at Exceptional Minds Studio Presenting Young Talent on the Autism Spectrum

Los Angeles, CA, May 25, 2012 --(PR.com)-- DreamWorks recruiters got an eyeful last week at the Exceptional Minds studio, a vocational school and working production studio for young adults on the autism spectrum located in Sherman Oaks, Calif. "I was incredibly impressed with the passion and work of all of the students at Exceptional Minds and am inspired by the work they are doing. The animation that they are producing with the training and commitment of the instructors is amazing," commented Dina Strada, DreamWorks Manager of Employee Events and Communications, who visited the school along with DreamWorks Recruiter Tim Norman and Head of Recruitment Kim MacKey. Eleven Exceptional Minds students are currently working on Adobe certification for employment in the fields of studio animation, computer graphics and/or visual effects. In a recent report prepared for the ... (more)

YAI Launches Integrated Web Site to Better Reach, Inspire and Move People to Support People With Disabilities in Maximizing Their Potential

The YAI Network (YAI), one of America’s foremost non-profit organizations devoted to creating hope and opportunity for people with developmental and learning disabilities and their families, announced today the introduction of a new Web site at www.yai.org. The new site provides visitors with a crisp and clear presentation of the organization’s mission and opportunities to engage with the network to support people with disabilities as well as access services and information. The site is integrated with the organization’s online marketing, advocacy and fundraising system to provide visitors, volunteers, advocates and donors with a more personal and engaging experience. It also enables the organization to communicate more effectively with audiences based on their interest and level of involvement. “The Internet and digital technology has changed the way our stakeholder... (more)

YarcData Announces Winners of $100,000 Graph Analytics Challenge

PLEASANTON, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 04/04/13 -- YarcData LLC, a Cray (NASDAQ: CRAY) company dedicated to providing "Big Data" graph-analytic solutions to enterprises, today announced the winners of the YarcData Graph Analytics Challenge showcasing the increasing applicability and adoption of graph analytics in discovering unknown relationships in Big Data. Submissions included an innovative range of applications across a broad variety of sectors including crime prediction, social science, life science and sports performance. Dr. Brady Bernard, Andrea Eakin, and Dr. Ilya Shmulevich, of The Institute for Systems Biology (ISB), were awarded first prize and will split $70,000 for their winning entry researching more than 25 different types of cancers and thousands of patients to gain insight into the biological networks that are disrupted or altered within a given cance... (more)

UPMC Health Plan Adds Wesley Spectrum Services Schools To We Can! Pittsburgh Roll Call

PITTSBURGH, April 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- UPMC Health Plan will award a grant to Wesley Spectrum Services to expand We Can! Ways to Enhance Children's Activity & Nutrition® health resources and programming for students attending Wesley Spectrum's Academy and Integrated Services schools, located in Upper St. Clair, Pa. Teachers at the Wesley Spectrum Services' Academy and Integrated Services schools will be trained on how to implement We Can! programming in a structured school environment. That includes health education for students' parents and families, upgrades to fitness equipment, healthy fruit and vegetable snacks throughout the school day, and the tracking of physical activities during school hours, apart from gym classes. Wesley Spectrum Services' three schools (Academy, Integrated Services, and Highland) specialize in helping students ages 6-21 who risk fai... (more)

Autism-Focused Non-Profit Integrates 20 Locations with Broadview’s Cloud-Based OfficeSuite

Broadview Networks, a leading provider of cloud-based business communications services, was chosen by Quality Services for the Autism Community (QSAC) to upgrade its communications systems with OfficeSuite®, Broadview’s award-winning, cloud-based business phone system. QSAC provides educational, habilitation and residential support, as well as recreational programs, to the residents of all five New York City boroughs. With more than 1,000 staff members and 20 branches, QSAC was searching for a better way to unify communications among its locations. Chief Financial Officer Paul Naranjo and his team became frustrated trying to communicate between offices and maintain multiple systems. “It proved very difficult to have different equipment at each location, as none of the systems could speak to one other. Not having an integrated system was causing all kinds of problem... (more)

Cerora, Inc. Announces First Close on Initial Seed Round of Financing

BETHLEHEM, PA -- (Marketwired) -- 04/07/14 -- Cerora, Inc., a StartUp Health / GE Healthcare Entrepreneurship program and Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania company, today announced a first closing of its initial seed financing round. These initial funds will support the development of the company's first software product, debuting later this month at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology in Philadelphia, and for development and marketing of its hardware/software solution for delivering objective brainwave biosensor data to help evaluate sports concussions right 'near the field' of play. "Objective data -- provided rapidly, near the athletic field -- would empower field clinicians with a considerable advantage over current assessments which are typically based solely on subjective clinical impressions," stated Adam J. Si... (more)